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1993-94 Swedish Semic World Championships Stickers
1994-95 Swedish Leaf
1995-96 Swedish Globe World Championships
1995-96 Swedish Leaf
1995-96 Swedish Leaf Goldies
1995-96 Swedish Leaf Mega
1995-96 Swedish Leaf Spidermen
1995-96 Swedish Upper Deck
1995-96 Swedish Upper Deck 1st Division Stars
1995-96 Swedish Upper Deck Ticket to North America
1995-96 Swedish Semic Wien
1997-98 Swedish Collectors Choice
1997-98 Swedish Collectors Choice Crash The Game Exchange
1997-98 Swedish Collectors Choice Crash The Game Redeemed
1997-98 Swedish Collectors Choice Select
1997-98 Swedish Collectors Choice Stick-Ums
1998-99 Swedish UD Choice
1998-99 Swedish UD Choice Day In The Life
1999-00 Swedish Upper Deck
1999-00 Swedish Upper Deck Hands Of Gold
1999-00 Swedish Upper Deck Snapshots
2000-01 Swedish Upper Deck
2000-01 Swedish Upper Deck Masked Men
2000-01 Swedish Upper Deck SHL Excellence
2000-01 Swedish Upper Deck Top Draws
2000-01 Swedish Upper Deck Top Playmakers
2002-03 Swedish SHL
2002-03 Swedish SHL Dynamic Duos
2002-03 Swedish SHL Parallel
2002-03 Swedish SHL Promos
2002-03 Swedish SHL Team Captains
2003-04 Swedish Elite
2003-04 Swedish Elite Enforcers
2003-04 Swedish Elite Hot Numbers
2003-04 Swedish Elite Rookies
2003-04 Swedish Elite Silver
2003-04 Swedish Elite Stars Of The Game
2003-04 Swedish Elite Zero Hero
2004-05 Swedish Alfabilder Alfa Stars
2004-05 Swedish Alfabilder Golden Ice
2004-05 Swedish Alfabilder Next In Line
2004-05 Swedish Elitset
2004-05 Swedish Elitset Gold Parallels
2004-05 Swedish Elitset Future Stars
2004-05 Swedish Elitset High Expectations
2004-05 Swedish Pure Skills
2004-05 Swedish Pure Skills Parallel
2005-06 Swedish SHL Elitset
2005-06 Swedish SHL Elitset Playmakers
2005-06 Swedish SHL Elitset Teammates
2006-07 Swedish SHL Elitset
2006-07 Swedish SHL Elitset In The Crease
2006-07 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan
2006-07 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Authentic Signatures
2006-07 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Future Stars
2006-07 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Hot Numbers
2006-07 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan In The Crease
2007-08 Swedish SHL Elitset
2007-08 Swedish SHL Elitset Complete Players
2007-08 Swedish SHL Elitset Double Impact
2007-08 Swedish SHL Elitset Future Watch
2007-08 Swedish SHL Elitset The Dominators
2007-08 Swedish SHL Elitset Wave of the Future
2008-09 Swedish SHL Elitset
2008-09 Swedish SHL Elitset Red Parallel
2008-09 Swedish SHL Elitset Big Numbers
2008-09 Swedish SHL Elitset Golden Blades
2008-09 Swedish SHL Elitset Rookie Prospects
2008-09 Swedish SHL Elitset Team Leaders
2009-10 Swedish SHL Elitset
2009-10 Swedish SHL Elitset Red Parallel
2010-11 Swedish SHL Elitset
2010-11 Swedish SHL Elitset Green Parallel
2010-11 Swedish SHL Elitset Next In Line
2010-11 Swedish SHL Elitset Super Rookies
2010-11 Swedish SHL Elitset Super Rookies Gold Parallel
2010-11 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan
2010-11 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Center Spotlight
2010-11 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Frantic Finishers
2010-11 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Netminders
2011-12 Swedish SHL Elitset
2011-12 Swedish SHL Elitset Parallel
2011-12 Swedish SHL Elitset Rookie Rockets
2011-12 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan
2011-12 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Between The Pipes
2011-12 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Ice Carvers
2011-12 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan X-Factors
2012-13 Swedish SHL Elitset
2012-13 Swedish SHL Elitset Penalty Killers
2013-14 Swedish SHL Elitset
2013-14 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Blueliners
2013-14 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Canadiens
2013-14 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Lockout Review
2013-14 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Showstoppers
2013-14 Swedish HockeyAllsvenskan Upstarts
2014-15 Swedish SHL Elitset
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