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List of Hockey Players,
Last Name starting with L

Click any Name to see all the hockey cards
we have available for that player.

Aleksi Laakso
Tapio Laakso
Mika Laaksonen
Tom Laaksonen
Jukka-Pekka Laamanen
John Laan
Arto Laatikainen
Jason LaBarbera
J.P. Labardo
Jean-Francois Labarre
Kevin Labatte
Dylan Labbe
Gabriel Labbe
Kevin Labbe
Chad Labelle
Eric Labelle
Jonathan Labelle
Marc LaBelle
Marc Labelle
Marc-Andre Labelle
Olivier Labelle
Serge Labelle
Greg Labenski
Jonathan Laberge
Martin Laberge
Pascal Laberge
Samuel Laberge
Alexandre Labonte
Charline Labonte
Doris Labonte
Jan Labraaten
Brent Labre
Guillaume Labrecque
Patrick Labrecque
Xavier Labrecque
Guillaume Labreque
Hubert Labrie
Mathieu Labrie
P.C. Labrie
R.T. Labrier
Dwight LaBrosse
Chad Lacasse
Loic Lacasse
Philippe Lacasse
William Lacasse
Mike Laceby
Francois Lacerte
Elmer Lach
Dominic Lachaine
Martin LaChaine
Mathieu Lachaine
Matthew Lachaine
Bryan Lachance
Falloon Lachance
Jean-Vincent Lachance
Jonathan Lachance
Kevin Lachance
Louis-Philippe Lachance
Louis-Phillipe Lachance
Louis-Phillippe Lachance
Samuel Lachance
Scott Lachance
Bryan LaChapelle
Bryan Lachapelle
Eric Lachapelle
Blaine Lacher
Witali Lachmatow
Robert Lachowicz
Kevin Lacombe
Norman Lacombe
Patrick Lacombe
Pier-Olivier Lacombe
Robin Lacour
Robin LaCour
Robin Lacour
Dan Lacouture
Dan LaCouture
Dave LaCouture
Connor LaCouvee
Daniel Lacroix
David Lacroix
Eric Lacroix
Louis-Philippe Lacroix
Martin Lacroix
Maxime Lacroix
Philip Lacroix
Philippe Lacroix
Tanner Laczynski
Grayson Ladd
Kyle Ladobruk
James Ladouce
Denis Ladouceur
Randy Ladouceur
Justin LaFayette
Nathan Lafayette
Nathan LaFayette
Nathan Lafayette
Nathan LaFayette
Nathan Lafayette
Patrick Laferriere
Sebastien Laferriere
Christian Laflamme
Daniel Laflamme
Jean-Christophe Laflamme
Miguel LaFleche
Antoine Lafleur
Brian LaFleur
Patrick Lafleur
Grayson Lafoley
Nicolas Lafontaine
Pat LaFontaine
Raphael Lafontaine
Tommy Lafontaine
Mark Laforest
Alain Laforge
Alain LaForge
Alain Laforge
Marc Laforge
Marc LaForge
Marc Laforge
Mike Lafoy
Jeremy Laframboise
Josh Laframboise
Dale Lafrance
Darryl LaFrance
Eric Lafrance
Simon Lafrance
Toby Lafrance
Alexandre Lafreniere
Chris Lafreniere
Colin Lafreniere
Patrick Lafreniere
Alexandre Lagace
Simon Lagace-Daigle
Chris Laganas
Alexander Lagerstrom
Tony Lagerstrom
Scott LaGrand
Duggie Lagrone
Matt Lahey
Pat Lahey
Stefan Lahn
Derek Lahnalampi
David Lahrei
Janne Lahti
Miika Lahti
Brooks Laich
Tom Laidlaw
Mikko Laine
Teemu Laine
Jakob Lainer
Joel Laing
Quintin Laing
Vince Laise
Adam Laishram
Janne Laitila
Ilkka Laitinen
Miro Laitinen
Veli-Pekka Laitinen
Martin Laitre
Bruno Lajeunesse
Eric Lajeunesse
Martin Lajeunesse
Oliver Lajeunesse
Simon Lajeunesse
Troy Lajeunesse
Charles-Olivier Lajoie
Erick Lajoie
Erik Lajoie
Serge Lajoie
Allan Lake
Eric Lake
Ryan Lake
Troy Lake
Andre Lakos
Phillipe Lakos
Sasha Lakovic
Bob Lakso
Pekka Laksola
Joel Lakusta
Christophe Lalancette
Kevin Lalande
Joey LaLeggia
Benjamin Laliberte
David Laliberte
Hughes Laliberte
Hugues Laliberte
John Laliberte
Kevin Laliberte
Olivier Laliberte
Simon Laliberte
Patrick Lalime
Bradley Lalonde
Chris Lalonde
Christian LaLonde
Christian Lalonde
Christophe Lalonde
Gregg Lalonde
Jacob Lalonde
Mike Lalonde
Rob LaLonde
Rob Lalonde
Shawn Lalonde
Todd Lalonde
Mike Lalor
Laird Laluk
Scott Laluk
Alexandre Lamarche
Martin Lamarche
Alexandre Lamarche-Froelich
Hubert Lamarre
Sandy Lamarre
Garth Lamb
Jeff Lamb
Kyle Lamb
Mark Lamb
Antti-Pekka Lamberg
Matti Lamberg
Dale Lambert
Dan Lambert
Denny Lambert
Lane Lambert
Michael Lambert
Vincent Lambert
Yves Lambert
Francis Lambert-Lemay
Rob Lamey
Nick Lamia
Andrew Laming
Petri Lammassaari
Hank Lammens
Dominic Lammer
John Lammers
Alex Lamontagne
Kevin Lamontagne
Eric Lamontange
Lou Lamoriello
Carl Lamothe
Marc Lamothe
Denis Lamoureux
Greg Lamoureux
Jean-Philippe Lamoureux
Mitch Lamoureux
Patrick Lamoureux
Pierre-Paul Lamoureux
Christian Lampasso
Eric Lampe
Reinhard Lampert
Juha Lampinen
Bryce Lampman
Pascal Lamprecht
Patrick Lampron
Vincent Lampron
Anton Lander
Gabriel Landeskog
Erik Landman
Derek Landmesser
Shaun Landolt
Bruce Landon
Andre Landry
Antoine Landry
Christian Landry
Eric Landry
John Landry
Jordan Landry
Chris Lane
Gord Lane
Gordie Lane
Jared Lane
Jesse Lane
Matt Lane
Owen Lane
Phil Lane
Philip Lane
Bill Lang
Chad Lang
Chase Lang
Glen Lang
Jared Lang
Jeff Lang
Mickey Lang
Robert Lang
Ryan Lang
Jay Langager
Shane Langager
Isaac Langdon
Kyle Langdon
Mark Langdon
Sean Langdon
Harry Lange
Jason Lange
Patrick Lange
Peter Langella
Mike Langen
Ryan Langenbruner
Jamie Langenbrunner
Christian Langer
Dave Langevin
Josh Langfeld
Marek Langhamer
Jakub Langhammer
Derek Langille
Chris Langkow
Daymond Langkow
Scott Langkow
Chad Langlais
Jeremy Langlois
Jocelyn Langlois
Mikael Langlois
Peter Langlois
Rod Langway
Fabien Laniel
Marc Laniel
Jonas Lanier
Cam Lanigan
Gerry Lanigan
Shane Lanigan
Jeff Lank
Mike Lankshear
Ryan Lannon
Vitaly Lanochkin
Laurent Lanoie
Derek Lanoue
Jean-Francois Lanoue
Vincent Lanoue
Christopher Lanouette
Jean-Marc Lanthier
Michael Lanthier
Evgeny Lapenkov
Francesco Lapenna
Bruno Lapensee
Antoine Laperriere
Dan Laperriere
Daniel Laperriere
Ian Laperriere
Jacques Laperriere
Martin Laperriere
Jody Lapeyre
Hendrix Lapierre
Jacob Lapierre
Maxim Lapierre
Maxime Lapierre
Mikhail Lapin
Alain LaPlante
Darryl Laplante
Eric Laplante
Jean-Francois Laplante
Nicolas Laplante
Sebastien Laplante
Steve Laplante
Derrick LaPoint
Claude Lapointe
Dan Lapointe
Danny Lapointe
Guy Lapointe
Herve Lapointe
Kevin Lapointe
Martin Lapointe
Rick Lapointe
Rodney Lapointe
Ron Lapointe
Steve Lapointe
Sylvain Lapointe
Sylvain LaPointe
Yann-Felix Lapointe
Alexandre LaPorte
Hugo Laporte
Patrick Lapostolle
Joni Lappalainen
Joe Lappin
Nick Lappin
Tim Lappin
Pierre-Luc Laprise
Sebastien Laprise
Adam Lapsansky
Benjamin Larabie
Paul Larabie
Roger Larache
Georges Laraque
Jules-Edy Laraque
Roger Larche
Federico Lardi
Tab Lardner
Daniel Larin
Igor Larionov
Francis Larivee
Christian Lariviere
Garry Lariviere
Jacques Lariviere
Martin Lariviere
Pascal Lariviere
Paul Lariviere
Christian Larivierre
Matt Larke
Huey Larkin
Jim Larkin
Mike Larkin
Drew Larman
Jeff Larmer
Steve Larmer
Emil Larmi
Todd Larmon
Don Larner
Christian Laroche
Jean-Francois Laroche
Marc-Andre Laroche
Martin Laroche
Dany Larochelle
Eric Larochelle
Jason Larochelle
Jerome Larochelle
Martin Larochelle
R.J. LaRochelle
R.J. Larochelle
Sean Larochelle
Andre Larocque
Bunny Larocque
Denis Larocque
Ian LaRocque
Jean-Sebastien Larocque
Stephane Larocque
Braeden Laroque
Cam Laroruk
Benoit Larose
Chad LaRose
Chad Larose
Claude Larose
Cory Larose
Guy Larose
Nathan Larose
Alexandre Larouche
Mike Larouche
Pierre Larouche
Steve Larouche
Steve LaRouche
Steve Larouche
Felipe Larranaga
Zac Larraza
Christian Larrivee
Bo Larsen
Brad Larsen
Philip Larsen
Rico Larsen
Ronnie Larsen
Ronny Larsen
Jeff Larsh
Dave Larson
Dean Larson
Garrett Larson
Jon Larson
Justin Larson
Nick Larson
Reed Larson
Adam Larsson
Alexander Larsson
Daniel Larsson
Eddie Larsson
Jacob Larsson
Jan Larsson
Peter Larsson
Stefan Larsson
Thomas Larsson
Mika Lartama
Brad Larter
Tyler Larter
Stanislav Lascek
Jonathan Laser
Matt Lashoff
Stefan Lassen
Nicklas Lasu
Jan Latal
Martin Latal
Guillaume Latendresse
Mike Latendresse
Olivier Latendresse
Steven Later
Yan Laterreur
Matt Latin
Anthony Latina
T.J. Latorre
Jim Latos
Bradley Latour
Yannick LaTour
Yannick Latour
Dave Latta
David Latta
Michael Latta
Mike Latta
Thomas Lattavo
Dana Lattery
Petri Latti
Jan Lattner
Nicolas Latulippe
Nicolas latulippe
Manuel Latusa
Jan Latvala
Bernhard Lauber
Phil Lauderdale
Brad Lauer
Kyle Laughlin
Scott Laughton
Janne Laukkanen
Jari Laukkanen
Bryan Laureigh
Remi Laurencelle
Shay Laurent
St. Laurent
Michael Lauridsen
Rob Laurie
Eetu Laurikainen
Harri Laurila
Henri Laurila
Don Laurin
Patrick Laurin
Sebastian Lauritzen
Paul Laus
Beat Lautenschlager
Dax Lauwers
James Laux
Philippe Lauze
Phillippe Lauze
Carl Lauzon
Emile Lauzon
Felix Lauzon
Jamey Lauzon
Ryan Lauzon
Zachary Lauzon
Martin Lavalle
Charles-Antoine Lavallee
Guillaume Lavallee
Jordan LaVallee
Kevin LaVallee
Martin Lavallee
Mathieu Lavallee
Sebastein Lavallere
Bjorn Lavander
Mats Lavander
Mark Lavarre
Rob Lave
Mike Lavell
Justin Laverdiere
Mathieu Laverdure
Dan Lavergne
Charles Lavigne
Eric Lavigne
Scott Lavigne
Zachary Lavigne
Vincent Lavigueur
Rodrigo Lavins
Ted Laviolette
Alexandre Lavoie
Danny Lavoie
Danny LaVoie
Danny Lavoie
Daryl Lavoie
Dominic Lavoie
Etienne Lavoie
Henrick Lavoie
Jean-Francois Lavoie
Jean-Mathieu Lavoie
Jonathan Lavoie
Julien Lavoie
Mathieu Lavoie
Sansdrick Lavoie
Vincent Lavoie
Jeremy Law
Ken Law
Kirby Law
Paul Lawless
Jason Lawmaster
Jake Lawr
Robbie Lawrance
Chris Lawrence
Davey Lawrence
David Lawrence
Derek Lawrence
Dillon Lawrence
Jason Lawrence
John Lawrence
Josh Lawrence
Kaleb Lawrence
Mark Lawrence
Michael Lawrence
Mick Lawrence
Tony Lawrence
Charlie Lawson
Dan Lawson
Eric Lawson
Lucas Lawson
Nathan Lawson
Tom Lawson
Brian Lawton
Derek Laxdal
Mike Lay
Richard Laycock
Travis Laycock
Ryley Layden
Ian Layton
Nick Layton
Brad Layzelle
Cheyne Lazar
Curtis Lazar
Anton Lazarev
Evgeny Lazarev
Yevgeny Lazarev
Jeff Lazaro
Kris Lazaruk
Igor Lazic
Johnny Lazo
Miroslav Lazo
Josh Lazowski
Maximilien Le Sieur
Maximilien Le Sieur
Andrew Leach
Brenn Leach
Jamie Leach
Jay Leach
Simon Leach
Stephen Leach
Steve Leach
Greg Leahy
Pat Leahy
Patrick Leahy
Stace Leaper
Ryan Leasa
Rob Leask
Robert Leask
Daniel Leavens
Bobby Leavins
Jeff Leavitt
Brady Leavold
Mitch Lebar
Brett Lebda
Patrick Lebeau
Stephan Lebeau
Bobby Lebel
Layne LeBel
Pascal Lebel
Steve Lebel
Carl LeBlanc
Carl Leblanc
Carl LeBlanc
Cedric Leblanc
Dan LeBlanc
Dennis Leblanc
Francois Leblanc
Jacques Leblanc
Jean LeBlanc
Jean-Francois Leblanc
Jean-Michel Leblanc
John LeBlanc
Louis Leblanc
Louis-Etienne Leblanc
Michel LeBlanc
Olivier Leblanc
Peter LeBlanc
Pierre-Andre Leblanc
Ray LeBlanc
Robin Leblanc
Robin LeBlanc
Robin Leblanc
Samuel Leblanc
Stefan Leblanc
Adam Leblanc-Bourque
Brian Lebler
Mike Lebler
Nicolas Leblond
Jean-Philippe Lebrasseur
Pascal Lebrasseur
Shayne LeBreton
Sean LeBrun
Vincent Lecavalier
Vincent Lechenne
Jurgen Lechl
Christian Lechtaler
Kimmo Lecklin
Boris Leckovic
Corey LeClair
John LeClair
John Leclair
John LeClair
Pascal Leclaire
Pascal LeClaire
Pascal Leclaire
Justin Leclerc
Mathieu Leclerc
Mike Leclerc
Mike LeClerc
Mike Leclerc
Mike LeClerc
Eric Lecompte
Eric LeCompte
Eric Lecompte
Benjamin Lecomte
Danny Lecours
Colin Ledaire
Tom Ledgard
Per Ledin
Alexandre Leduc
Mathieu Leduc
Mike Leduc
Nicolas Leduc
Grant Ledyard
Anders Lee
Brian Lee
Cam Lee
Casey Lee
Jeff Lee
John Lee
Martin Lee
Mike Lee
Patrick Lee
Payton Lee
Peter Lee
Ryan Lee
Sheldon Lee
Stephen Lee
Steve Lee
Thomas Lee
Greg Leeb
Dawson Leedahl
Erik Leefe
Gary Leeman
Bob Leeming
Connor Leen
Jesse Lees
Matt Lees
Nick Lees
Tyler Lees
Brian Leetch
Darren Lefebvre
Frederick Lefebvre
Guillaume Lefebvre
Guy Lefebvre
Jean-Sebastien Lefebvre
Marc Lefebvre
Martin Lefebvre
Nicolas Lefebvre
Patrice Lefebvre
Patrice LeFebvre
Philippe Lefebvre
Simon Lefebvre
Stephane Lefebvre
Sylvain Lefebvre
Brett Leffler
Felix Lefrancois
Gilbert Lefrancois
Manny Legace
Charles-Eric Legare
Nathan Legare
Alexander Legault
Alexandre Legault
Jason Legault
Jay Legault
Marc Legault
Maxime Legault
Stephane Legault
Tommy Legault
Stefan Legein
Eric Leger
Jim Leger
Chris Legg
Mike Legg
Josh Legge
Al Leggett
Alan Leggett
Casey Leggett
Tyler Leggo
Jared Legien
Jacob LeGuerrier
David Legwand
Scott Lehman
Josef Lehner
Robin Lehner
Peter Lehnigk
Guy Lehoux
Hugo Lehoux
Jason Lehoux
Yanick Lehoux
Ryan Lehr
Tyler Lehrke
Tero Lehtera
Jere Lehtinen
Mika Lehtinen
Joni Lehto
Nico Lehto
Kari Lehtonen
Mikko Lehtonen
Pertti Lehtonen
Riku-Petteri Lehtonen
Sami Lehtonen
Topi Lehtonen
Jonathan Lehun
Cody Leibel
Chris Leibinger
Gunnar Leidborg
Mike Leidl
Boston Leier
Taylor Leier
Michael Leighton
Joachim Leijon
Boris Leimgruber
Gerhard Leinauer
Ville Leino
Chris Leinweber
Ken Leiter
Matt Leitner
Brian Leitza
Josh Leivo
Joshua Leivo
Tomi Leivo
Rob LeLacheur
Rob Lelacheur
Robert Lelacheur
Jacques Lemaire
Jonathan Lemaire
Mathews Lemaire
Mattews Lemaire
David Lemanowicz
Casey Lemanski
Eric LeMarque
Eric Lemarque
Dave Lemay
Jimmy Lemay
Louis-Philip Lemay
Marc Lemay
Moe Lemay
Robin Lemay
Yanick Lemay
Yannik Lemay
Robert Lembacher
Justin Lemcke
Dulac Lemelin
Alex Lemieux
Claude Lemieux
Francis Lemieux
Gabriel Lemieux
Jocelyn Lemieux
Jonathan Lemieux
Mario Lemieux
Bruno Lemire
Aurelio Lemm
Romano Lemm
Mack Lemmon
Mark Lemmon
Jean-Philippe Lemoine
Joachim Lempio
Nikolai Lemtyugov
Tim Lenardon
Mike Lenarduzzi
Mike Lencucha
Taras Lendzyk
Peter Lenes
David LeNeveu
Theodor Lennstrom
Stephan Lenoski
Stephane Lenoski
Nick Lent
Alex Lentowich
Roger Leonard
Sebastien Leonard
Seth Leonard
Luca Leone
Michael Leone
Mike Leone
Robin Leone
Bjorn Leonhardt
Dmitri Leonov
Jason Lepage
Jordan Lepage
Julian Lepage
Julien Lepage
Martin LePage
Martin Lepage
Patrick Lepage
Simon Lepage
Guillaume Lepine
Jason Lepine
Sami Lepisto
Alex Lepkowski
Paul Lepler
Alex Lepowski
Josh Lepp
Jackson Leppard
Biagio Lerario
Brett Lernout
Mark LeRose
Benoit Leroux
David Leroux
Francois Leroux
Jean-Yves Leroux
Jonah Leroux
Kelly Leroux
Paxton Leroux
Rod Leroux
Rod LeRoux
Rod Leroux
Logan Lesage
Marc Lesage
Tanner LeSann
Ryan Leschasin
Curtis Leschyshyn
Andrew Leslie
Glen Leslie
Lee J. Leslie
Nate Leslie
Nathan Leslie
Reagan Leslie
Zac Leslie
Zach Leslie
Mike Lesperance
Antoine Lessard
Benoit Lessard
Dannick Lessard
David Lessard
Francis Lessard
Jim Lessard
Jonathan Lessard
Junior Lessard
Louis-Philippe Lessard
Mario Lessard
Maxime Lessard
Owen Lessard
Pierre-Luc Lessard
Pierre-Marc Lessard
Richard Lessard
Rick Lessard
Lucas Lessio
Don Lester
Donald Lester
Brandon Lesway
Matt Leszczynski
Matthew Leszczynski
Alan Letang
Kris Letang
Kristopher Letang
Joe Letendre
Mark Letestu
Cavin Leth
Mike Letizia
Julien Letouneau
Guillaume Letourneau
Trevor Letowski
Sal Lettieri
Ryan Letts
Lars Leuenberger
Van Leusen
Frederic Levac
Justin Levac
Marko Levanen
Chris Levasseur
Jean-Philippe Levasseur
JP Levasseur
Julien Levasseur
Marc-Andre Levasseur
Rob Levasseur
Daulton Leveille
Dominic Leveille
Michel Leveille
Guy Leveque
Don Lever
Alan Levers
Marc Levers
Erik Leverstrom
Ben Levesque
Benoit Levesque
Francois Levesque
Hugo Levesque
Jonathan Levesque
Luc Levesque
Marc-Andre Levesque
Maxime Levesque
Paul Levesque
Willie Levesque
Austin Levi
David Levin
Scott Levins
Igor Levitsky
Mikke Levo
Pauli Levokari
Jari Levonen
Aaron Lewadniuk
Eduard Lewandoski
Eduard Lewandowski
Justin Lewandowski
Phil Lewandowski
Erik Lewerstrom
Aaron Lewicki
Tyler Lewington
Aaron Lewis
Adam Lewis
Carlyle Lewis
Grant Lewis
Jamie Lewis
Robert Lewis
Roger Lewis
Scott Lewis
Shawn Lewis
Trevor Lewis
Trey Lewis
Ty Lewis
Keith Leyland
Anton Lezo
Brent L'Heureux
Miles Liberati
Nick Licari
Marcel Lichnovsky
Neil Liddiard
Bob Liddington
Joakim Lidgren
Mikael Lidhammar
Colin Lidster
Doug Lidster
Laird Lidster
Tyler Liebel
Josh Liebenow
Ulrich Liebsch
Dave Liffiton
David Liffiton
Quade Lightbody
Quayde Lightbody
Niklas Lihagen
Petri Liimatainen
Siim Liivik
Jeff Likens
John-Michael Liles
Tobias Lilja
Christopher Liljewall
Landon Lillejord
Cam Lilley
John Lilley
Shawn Lillie
Petri Limatainen
Shawn Limpright
Cole Linaker
Billy Lincoln
Maxime Lincourt
Eric Lind
John Lind
Juha Lind
Levi Lind
Mikael Lind
Stephen Lind
Andreas Lindahl
Kirby Lindal
Anders Lindberg
Brandon Lindberg
Chris Lindberg
Erik Lindberg
Mats Lindberg
Nicklas Lindberg
Oscar Lindberg
Tobias Lindberg
Tomas Lindberg
Torbjorn Lindberg
Pelle Lindbergh
Matt Lindblad
Claes Lindblom
Oskar Lindblom
Johan Lindbom
Peter Lindelof
Kim Lindeman
Lee Lindemann
Sven Lindemann
Jamie Linden
Trevor Linden
Jesse Lindenberg
Christoph Lindenhofer
R.J. Linder
Tom Linder
Alexander Lindgren
Charlie Lindgren
Fredrik Lindgren
Mats Lindgren
Ryley Lindgren
Terry Lindgren
Victor Lindgren
Viktor Lindgren
Andreas Lindh
Fredrick Lindh
Johan Lindh
Erik Lindhagen
Christopher Lindholm
Hampus Lindholm
Mikael Lindholm
Joni Lindlof
Martin Lindman
Mikael Lindman
Orjan Lindmark
Pekka Lindmark
David Lindner
Jaden Lindo
Joni Lindolf
Fredrik Lindquist
Magnus Lindquist
Fredrik Lindqvist
Magnus Lindqvist
Robin Lindqvist
Alexander Lindqvist-Hansen
Jari Lindroos
Brett Lindros
Eric Lindros
Bob Lindsay
Cody Lindsay
Evan Lindsay
Mark Lindsay
Max Lindsay
Ryan Lindsay
Scott Lindsay
Jimmie Lindstrom
Joakim Lindstrom
Johan Lindstrom
Kaj Lindstrom
Sanny Lindstrom
Craig Lineker
Steve Linesman
Ted Linesman
Dave Linford
David Ling
Jamie Ling
Boris Lingemann
Steve Lingren
Jake Linhart
Tomas Linhart
Michael Liniger
Tracy Link
Kaj Linna
Troy Linna
Derek Linnell
Maxim Linnick
Mike Linseman
Steve Linseman
Ted Linseman
Cody Linteau
Richard Linteau
Louis Liotti
Alexey Lipanov
Rastislav Lipka
J.C. Lipon
JC Lipon
Miroslav Lipovsky
Bobby Lipsett
Chris Lipsett
Daryl Lipsey
Pete Liptrott
Peter Liptrott
Chris LiPuma
Jean-Christophe Lirette
Travis Lisabeth
Brett Liscomb
Tanner Lishchynsky
Enver Lisin
Payton Liske
Tony Lisman
Quintin Lisoway
Liam Liston
Peter Lisy
Dylan L'Italien
Eric L'Italien
Samuel L'Italien
Manuel Litterbach
Broc Little
Bryan Little
Michael Little
Neil Little
Ryan Little
Sean Little
Dave Littman
David Littman
Alexander Liubimov
Simo Liukka
Joni Lius
Mike Liut
Stefan Liv
Phil Livermore
Patrick Livernoche
James Livingstone
Jonas Liwing
Cameron Lizotte
David Lizotte
Jon Lizotte
Olimpija Ljubljana
Mathias Ljung
Markus Ljungh
Daniel Ljungkvist
Daniel Ljungqvist
Kirk Llano
Darby Llewellyn
Tristin Llewellyn
Adam Lloyd
Donny Lloyd
Jason Lloyd
Lonnie Loach
Mike Loach
Aaron Lobb
Lucas Lobsinger
William Lochead
Patrick Lochi
Steve Lock
Chad Locke
Corey Locke
Eric Locke
Kyle Locke
Steve Locke
Bryan Locker
Brandon Lockerby
Bryan Lockner
Patrick Lockyer
Mike Lococo
Kristian Lodberg
Erik Lodge
Jimmy Lodge
Hans Lodin
Ivan Lodnia
Vanya Lodnia
Mark Loeding
Matt Loen
Darcy Loewen
Jamie Loewen
Jermaine Loewen
Simon Lof
Anssi Lofman
Lukas Lofquist
Sam Lofquist
Jonas Lofstrom
Per Lofstrom
Mark Lofthouse
Trent Lofthouse
Dave Loftus
Bob Logan
Dan Logan
Jim Logan
Joe Logan
Tim Logan
Nestor Logdal
Kevin Lohan
David Lohrei
Jani-Matti Loikala
Juha-Pekka Loikas
Chad Loikets
Mathieu Loisel
Matthieu Loisel
Claude Loiselle
Pierre Loiselle
Martin Lojek
Andrei Loktionov
Andrei Lomakin
Luciano Lomanno
David Lomas
Mike Lomas
Dan Lombard
Daniel Lombardi
Matthew Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
Joe Lombardo
Boyd Lomow
Byron Lomow
Adam Loncan
Brian Loney
Troy Loney
Ty Loney
Andrew Long
Austen Long
Carter Long
Colin Long
Eddie Long
Eric Long
Joe Long
Marc Long
Potyok Long
Ted Long
Michal Longauer
David Longbroek
Cody Longie
Chris Longo
Lucas Longpre
Nathan Longpre
Vincent Longpre
David Longstaff
Scott Longstaff
Erik Longtin
Anders Lonn
Kyzen Loo
Hakan Loob
Mike Looby
Mattias Loof
Rob Look
Rick Looker
Thomas Loosli
Mats Loov
Nathan Looysen
Ryan Lopes
Ramon Lopez
Jouni Loponen
Matias Loppi
Dave Lopresti
Pete LoPresti
Joe Loprieno
Philippe Lord
Dave Lorentz
Jim Lorentz
Tom Lorentz
Zach Lorentz
Albin Lorentzon
Danny Lorenz
Johnny Lorenzo
Chuck Loreto
Al Loring
Brad Loring
Matt Lorito
Mike Losch
Vince Loschiavo
Andreas Loth
Petteri Lotila
Kimmo Lotvonen
Austin Lotz
Yves Loubier
Bob Loucks
Scott Loucks
Greg Louder
Kevin Lough
Jyrki Louhi
Ossi Louhivaara
Mark Louis
St. Louis
Eric Louis-Seize
Jonathan Lounsbury
Paul Louttit
George Lovatsis
Lars Lovblom
Orjan Lovdal
Brad Love
Dominic Love
Mitch Love
Jeff LoVecchio
Lowell Loveday
Ben Lovejoy
Brian Lovell
Greg Lovell
Jamie Lovell
John Lovell
Marc Lovell
Fredrik Loven
Vincent LoVerde
Andrew Loverock
Mikael Lovgren
Ken Lovsin
Brayden Low
Braydon Low
Chris Low
Reed Low
Ron Low
Steven Low
Henrik Lowdahl
Darren Lowe
Jason Lowe
Keegan Lowe
Kevin Lowe
Steve Lowe
Taylor Lowe
Bob Lowes
Torgny Lowgren
Adam Lowry
Chad Lowry
Dave Lowry
Joel Lowry
Matt Lowry
Ryan Loxam
Cliff Loya
Pat Loyer
Dejan Lozanov
Tim Lozinik
Petri Ltti
Keaton Lubin
Corey Lucas
Tyrel Lucas
Jake Lucchini
Mike Lucci
Don Luce
Sergei Luchinkin
Don Lucia
Mario Lucia
Tony Lucia
Julian Luciani
Milan Lucic
Sebastien Lucier
Andrew Luciuk
Jeff Luckovitch
Jeff Lucky
Carey Lucyk
Luke Lucyk
Mirko Ludemann
Mirco Ludermann
Henning Ludvigsen
Kane Ludwar
Andreas Ludwig
Craig Ludwig
Trevor Ludwig
Tyler Ludwig
Ryan Ludzik
Steve Ludzik
Mark Luger
Dmitri Lugin
Dmitry Lugin
Brady Luhning
Jaan Luik
Scott Luik
Jozef Lukac
Ned Lukacevic
Adam Lukacovic
Rob Lukacs
Philipp Lukas
Robert Lukas
Christian Lukes
Frantisek Lukes
Chris Lukey
Brandon Lukezic
Rauman Lukko
Jay Luknowsky
Brad Lukowich
Morris Lukowich
Leaf Lulea
Andrei Lulin
Dave Lumley
Jyrki Lumme
Jamie Lund
Stephen Lund
Tom Lund
Kyle Lundale
Patrik Lundback
Emil Lundberg
Eric Lundberg
Joakim Lundberg
Martin Lundberg
Andy Lundbohm
Bryan Lundbohm
Per Lundell
Josh Lunden
Niclas Lundgren
Patrik Lundh
Staffan Lundh
Cullen Lundholm
Mitchell Lundholm
Andreas Lundin
Jez Lundin
Mike Lundin
David Lundmark
Erik Lundmark
Jamie Lundmark
Jason Lundmark
Peter Lundmark
Joel Lundqvist
Stefan Lundqvist
Joakim Lundstrom
Per-Anton Lundstrom
Tobias Lundstrom
Tord Lundstrom
Jim Lundwall
Kevin Lune
Miikko Luoma
Mikko Luoma
Marko Luomala
Chris Luongo
Roberto Luongo
Ari Luostarinen
Mikko Luovi
Andrei Lupandin
Ross Lupaschuk
Steve Lupien
Dale Lupul
Gary Lupul
Joffrey Lupul
Andreas Lupzig
Patrik Lusnak
Jesse Lussier
Silvan Lussy
Mats Lusth
Brett Lutes
Craig Lutes
Fabian Luthi
Fredy Luthi
Simon Luthi
Nick Luukko
Mattias Luukkonen
Matt Lyall
Roman Lyashenko
R.C. Lyke
Soren Lykke-Jorgensen
Brady Lyle
Stevie Lyle
Dave Lylyk
David Lylyk
Mike Lymer
Ben Lynch
Bernie Lynch
Brent Lynch
Chad Lynch
Chris Lynch
Darren Lynch
Doug Lynch
Jason Lynch
Jeff Lynch
Jim Lynch
Kevin Lynch
P.J. Lynch
Scott Lynch
Travis Lynch
Zac Lynch
Luke Lynes
Chris Lyness
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Matthew Lynn
Alex Lyon
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Corey Lyons
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