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We can now offer postal insurance on orders under $100 for around the price of a hockey card. Orders of $100 or more are automatically covered at no charge.

Postal insurance FAQ

Q. How much does the insurance cost?
A. For an order value of $99.99 or less the cost is $2.00. For orders of $100.00 or more insurance is included free of charge.

Q. Is is the same price regardless of where I live?
A. Yes, it is the same price for U.S and international orders.

Q. Are all countries covered?
A. No, there are a few exceptions, but we have never sold anything to those countries, if you have any doubts that your country could be excluded please email us for confirmation.

Q. What is covered by the insurance?
A. Loss or damage by the postal system to your order.

Q. Will I get a tracking number?
A. No, you will see no changes to your package. U.S. orders will continue to include Delivery Confirmation and international orders will continue to have a Customs Declaration label attached (the customs label number for your package is available upon request).

Q. When is an item considered lost?
A. According to USPS, after 21 days (U.S. mail) or 45 days (international) from the mailing date.

Q. Is Armchair Sports the insurance company or an agent for the insurance company?
A. No, neither, the insurance company is a third party and we are buying their insurance on an as needed basis to provide a peace of mind service for our online customers.

Q. My order was damaged upon arrival, what do I need to do?
A. Contact us firstly. Please do not throw away any of the original packaging or contents, the insurance company may need photographic evidence or the original package returning (any postal charges to return items will also be covered).

Q. If I need to make a claim is there any paperwork involved?
A. Yes a small amount, most of it would already be completed but it would need signing and dating and returning to us.

Please remember:
Any person who knowingly and with intent to defraud any insurance company or other persons, commits a fraudulent insurance act, which is a crime, is subject to criminal prosecution and civil penalties.

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